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Batteries for cars & vans

We cater for 64 car & van manufacturers and have 1614 different vehicles in our database.

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Vehicle batteries for all makes and models of car

Our mission is to make buying a car battery simple and provide you with a high grade product that will fit your car, be delivered the next working day and with no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay, no additional cost for VAT or delivery – plain and simple

The battery is no longer used just to start the car. It is now an integrated technical component within a sophisticated electrical system. The electrical system is now up to 30% of the cost of a new car.

Because of this, the battery has become the heart of the vehicle, not something you would want to skimp on.

All cars produced since 1999 have a “smart type” charging system, yet many batteries sold today are not compatible with these charging systems, which is why The Car Battery Warehouse goes to so much trouble to source the correct battery for your car. contact our friendly team and we'll find the right car battery for you.

Car Battery Warehouse supply batteries sourced from the world’s leading producers.

Modern batteries have to withstand operating temperatures of up to 65 deg C, yet some batteries sold by our competitors cannot tolerate these temperatures and subsequently, fail prematurely.

Car producers go to great efforts to ensure the original battery can provide reliable service under these extreme operating conditions, and it is why Car Battery Warehouse only stock modern compatible batteries produced by the very same battery manufacturers that supply the car producers with first equipment.

Beware companies selling a battery with an unknown label stuck on. At the Car Battery Warehouse, you can be sure the battery will do what it says on the tin!

We stock just one make of battery for each car, why? Simple, the car producer fitted just one, we do the same. We offer the correct one, at a competitive price. This is how we can offer a 4 year warranty.

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